Priya Mallya, Country Leader, Developer Ecosystems Group for ISA IBM India Software Labs

Priya Mallya is the Country Leader, Developer Ecosystems Group for ISA. She has broad industry experience in product development, business strategy and delivery transformation. She has worked extensively with global businesses, cross business unit stakeholders, partners and clients.

In her current role, Priya will drive the mission of growing the active developers on IBM platform across India/South Asia. She will additionally focus on the large concentration of GSIs and in-house development teams (IA and Industry) across the ISA ecosystem. Priya was responsible for turbo charging developer advocacy with GSIs in India in 2018. She successfully launched engagement platforms such as IBM Coders within Cognizant. She initiated developer federation within IBM India Software Labs to encourage IBMer participation in advocacy activities and in turn build technical eminence. Priya launched Call for Code 2018 in GSIs in India and drove large participation - about 25% of the world wide registration came from this effort. She has been instrumental in making advocacy plans for 2019 - targeting 4 fold increase in active developers from India region, and also defining an operational structure and an execution strategy.

Mangesh Patankar, Developer Advocate - IBM Cloud

Mangesh Patankar is working with IBM Digital Business Group as Developer Advocate – IBM Cloud. He has around 18 years of IT experience. Currently he works directly with ISV’s, Partners, Startups Developer Community enabling them to adopt IBM Cloud technologies. He has represented IBM in various forums/events as speaker on Watson and IBM Cloud. He has also conducted IBM Cloud, Watson hands – on workshops for Enterprises/startups developers. Prior to IBM, has worked with organizations like Oracle, Patni, Syntel, Reliance Consultancy Services – right from Development, Designing, Architect to Pre-Sales role.

Amitabh Prasad, IBM

Amitabh Prasad has over 19 years of industry experience and has worked on various technologies ranging from client-server to n-tier architecture application. He has working experience in microservices also. At IBM, he is currently part of Hybrid cloud team as Architect.

Bhushan M Chinchalkar, Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain Specialist

Bhushan has 18 years of IT industry experience with wide range of skill set, role and industry verticals. He has experience in architecting and actualizing solutions in- various Portal Technologies, IVR and Call Center applications, Enterprise Content Management and Electronic Data & Record Management solutions etc. He has been working as Application Architect with Blockchain India team since Jan 2018. In addition to providing blockchain solutions, he has been instrumental in training and enablement activities in blockchain arena.

Snehal Devasthali, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Software Labs

Snehal has 9+ years of experience in IT industry. She has been instrumental in transforming products to leverage Artificial Intelligence in domains of Hybrid Cloud, Business Operations and Digital Marketing.

Riya Mary Roy, Developer Advocate, IBM

Riya Mary Roy, is a Developer Advocate at IBM with focus on IBM Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technology platforms and is a strong evangelist of the technology in multiple forums. She is an active technical blogger and has created multiple assets that has helped to create quick adoption among developer community. Riya holds a M.Tech in Information Systems and Management.

Veerender Chitrala, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Cognitive Applications

Veerender is a senior software engineer at IBM Cognitive Applications and is currently working with IBM Marketplace Service Provisioning squad. He has contributed to the IBM Developer ecosystem by participating and conducting technology sessions at Hyderabad

Harivansh Kumar, Software Engineer - WDP Governance

Harivansh Kumar is a Software Engineer currently working with IBM WDP Governance in developing, governing and operating the business network with IBM Blockchain Platform 2.0.